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1 - 1 days: $100.00 / day
2 - 6 days: $50.00 / day
7 - 31 days: $43.00 / day
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We carry the basic powerchair. This powerchair is easy to use and has a range 20 miles

The weight capacity is 240lbs (120 kg).

EasyHire does not recommend powerchairs to people that have no experience using a powerchair. It takes some practice to be comfortable using these chairs. For less experienced persons we recommend a small or medium mobility scooter.

EasyHire can have the scooter ready at the cruise terminal, right where you come ashore.
During the day when you decide to go back aboard for a while the scooter can be parked at the indicated
zone near the cruise ship.

Our free delivery service is available 7 days a week and we can deliver to any hotel.

Powerchairs on Aruba can be used anywhere where one would normally walk.