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Oxygen concentrators

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Oxygen Concentrator Hire in Benidorm

Each hire comes with a new nose attachment for hygiene. (in sealed packaging)

This Oxygen Concentrator is an ultra compact stationary oxygen concentrator that is designed to put out as much as 5 liters of oxygen per minute. It give you a high output for intensive oxygen therapy, while also being lightweight and energy efficient, weighs in at a ‘Lite’ 32 pounds. Delivering up to 5 liters of continuous oxygen & has a psig output of 7. The unit´s small profile and low weight make it easy to transport from room to room. A build-in handle and four caster wheels allow the unit the ability to glide across the floor.

Oxygen Concentrator Specifications:

Litres Per Minute
0.125 to 5 Litres Continuous Flow

Oxygen Concentration
90% +6.5% / -3% at 5LPM