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Q – What is the best way to book?

A – The best way to book is online through our website or call us on +34 966 445 812

Q – How much is the rent for a certain period?

A – Go to the rental item on our website. Put the desired collection date and time & the desired return date and time. The system will calculate how much the rent is.

Q – How do I get the best deal?

A – You will receive the best price when you book online through our website and collect at one of our shops. Website prices are valid for online bookings only.

Q – The booking system does not recognise my accommodation.

A – When booking you first need to select free delivery or collection at one of our shops. Later on in the process the system lets you put your accommodation.

Q – What are the rules to rent a mobility scooter in Benidorm?

A – The user (both users for twin seat mobility scooters) must be 55+ years old. If you are under 55 years old you must provide proof of disability. Proof of disability is either a blue badge or a doctors statement. The doctors statement must say you need a scooter.

Q – How do I charge the mobility scooter?

A – Each scooter is provided with a charger. The scooter must be charged every night at your accommodation or at the EasyHire charging station. It takes 4 to 6 hours to recharge a mobility scooter.

Q – Do you do daily delivery and collection of mobility scooters if I can not charge my scooter at my accommodation?

A – No, we do not provide this service. But you are welcome to collect / return yourself to our charging facility at our shop in Calle Jaén 4 next to Hotel Rio Park.

Q – Do you provide third party insurance with the mobility scooter?

A – Yes, a third party cover is included with each scooter. Please be aware that you are not covered for third party liability if you are going to use the mobilty scooter in a way that damage can be expected.

The EasyHire Rental Process
If you are planning to rent a scooter, wheelchair or other mobility device, visit our Rental Process page to learn about our simple five-step rental process.

Visit our Links page (soon available) to view a selection of websites sites that deal with mobility issues and other related topics.

Travel Agents
Are you a Travel Agent or member of the hospitality industry looking to provide an valuable service for your clients? EasyHire will provide you with a reliable scooter and wheelchair rental service. Contact us for more information!